Four Walls Property Management


Landlord Services

At Four Walls, we pride ourselves on professional, efficient and cost effective management services. Our aim is to take the stress away from owning an investment property.
We understand how important it is to communicate and we realise that you expect the best possible rents with maximum occupancy. Our experience has taught us that, to achieve this, you need a motivated, professional and independent property management company. Four Walls is your perfect partner.

Our staff are experienced, motivated, and passionate about the industry. Being landlords ourselves, we believe in treating our clients properties just as we would our own.  We are committed to providing outstanding customer service and making sure you are kept up-to-date with any important happenings at you property.

Four Walls understand that your rental property is a substantial investment. Therefore, we strive to get the right tenant for your property and to get the best return on that investment.
For us, it's not about simply 'filling' an empty house - we want to make sure we only select the best people for our properties, so as to minimise any risk to you.
Because of this, we have stringent screening processes in place for any applicants.  This includes full background and employment checks, credit checking and reference checks, as well as Tenancy Tribunal and Ministry Of Justice screening.

Four Walls Property Management offers a range of services to make life easier for our clients.  These include:

Request a Rental Appraisal

Four Walls Property Management can give you an independent guide to what price your property should be renting for in the current market.
Our statistics can help you determine what you can achieve with your rental property.

Click on 'Request an Appraisal' and we will make contact with you as soon as possible.

Rent Management

At Four Walls, we have a 'zero tolerance' rent arrears policy. Rent is paid automatically into our trust account and is monitored daily. Our staff are confident and experienced to ensure any arrears are dealt with promptly, with tenants contacted immediately and collection proceedings initiated that same day if required.
We encourage tenants to have open communication with us if they are experiencing difficulties, so that we are able to work with both parties and find effective solutions to put in place before problems arise.

We attend Tenancy Tribunal hearings on behalf of our owner's where required, and oversee any third-party debt collection or attachments orders as they arise. 

Inspections & Maintenance

Four Walls Property Management undertake thorough property inspections at the commencement of every new tenancy, and provide a copy to the tenant so they understand the expectations at the end of their tenancy. We also inspect your property quarterly (or as required by owners) and take photos at each inspection so that you are kept up to date with any wear and tear or maintenance issues that may be found.
These inspections are emailed to you along with any relevant comments or recommendations. The report will also cover any proposals for upgrades or preventative maintenance and improvements to ensure you continue to get the best returns on your asset.

Four Walls will organise and manage any repairs required at your property (either in consultation with you or as per your instructions).  We believe communication and quick action are both vital in ensuring any repairs are completed in a timely manner so as to ensure your tenant feels taken care of and any potential damage from a repair to your property is minimised.
Maintenance is undertaken by our trusted tradespeople, and this is managed and overseen by our team to ensure you receive the most cost effective job possible, while still maintaining a high standard of workmanship. Because of our relationships with the local tradespeople, we are often able to secure discounted rates for repairs and upgrades not offered to the general public.

Dunedin Market and Statistics

As Landlords ourselves, we constantly monitor all current market rental levels in Dunedin. We work with our clients goals in mind and will advise our owners if we believe any changes are necessary to stay in-line with current market trends.  We review all rent rates on the anniversary of each fixed-term tenancy, and implement increases where need be (or adjust as required), to ensure maximum occupancy rates are achieved for your property.